Finish Results for Inaugural Newton Hills Trail Challenge 8 mile race

September 21, 2002 - What started as a miserable day turned out to be ideal as the rain held off for the Inaugural running of the Newton Hills Trail Challenge 8 mile race. Race temps at the start were in the 50's with overcast skies and very little wind. With 61 registered runners on the line, the race went off as planned at 8:00 a.m. A group of about 10 seperated from the pack and made it to the suspension bridge in the lead. Once the group made the left hand turn to the Woodlands Trail loop,  5 runners pulled away. Three runners eventually seperated themselves from the rest, with Yankton, South Dakota's Frank Bendewald taking the win and setting a course record of 45:34, Orange City, Iowa's Dan Van Engen was 2nd in 46:44, while Sioux Falls' Phil Biteler was 3rd in 47:37.

The women's race was just as exciting as Sue Kersten and Lisa Fligge from Sioux Falls waged a battle on the hills with Kersten winning in a new course record for females (1:04:01), while Fligge finished 2nd in 1:05:23. 3rd place for the females was Hurley, South Dakota's Renee Neufeld with a time of 1:07:23.

And now for the rest of the results:

Name                   gender            hometown                            time
1. Frank Bendewald                 m                        Yankton, SD                                             45:34* Course Record
2. Dan Van Engen                    m                        Orange City, Iowa                                    46:44
3. Phil Biteler                           m                         Sioux Falls, SD                                         47:37
4. Scott Walschlager                m                        Sioux Falls, SD                                         49:44
5. Jerrold Wynia                      m                         Canton, SD                                               50:36
6. Nate Oldenkamp                  m                        Sanborn, Iowa                                           51:15
7. Greg DeSautel                     m                        Sioux Falls, SD                                          51:30
8. Tim Burnison                       m                         Sioux Falls, SD                                          54:26
9. Darrel Horsley                     m                        Hartford, SD                                              55:08
10. Scott Saeger                       m                        Sioux Center, Iowa                                    56:18
11. Todd McCallum                  m                       Sioux Falls, SD                                          56:36
12. Dave Braley                       m                        Sioux Falls, SD                                          58:25
13. David Grant                       m                         Sioux Falls, SD                                         1:00:46
14. Mark Haugen                    m                         Valley Springs, SD                                   1:00:48
15. Paul Clarke                        m                         Sioux Falls, SD                                         1:00:49
16. Brian Brinkman                 m                         Sioux Falls, SD                                         1:00:51
17. Ken Mertens                     m                          Sioux Falls, SD                                        1:02:08
18. Kevin Nelson                     m                          Beresford, SD                                         1:02:43
19. Todd Johnson                    m                          Canton, SD                                              1:02:44
20. James Harvey                   m                          Sioux Falls, SD                                        1:02:59
21. Kevin Smith                      m                           Brandon, SD                                            1:03:08
22. Sue Kersten                      f*                          Sioux Falls, SD                                        1:04:01 *Course Record
23. Dan Deal                          m                            Sioux Falls, SD                                       1:04:41
24. Chuck Karbowski             m                           Sioux Falls, SD                                       1:04:50
25. Mike Timm                       m                           Canton, SD                                             1:05:09
26. Jeff Larson                       m                            Sioux Falls, SD                                       1:05:16
27. Lisa Fligge                         f*                          Sioux Falls, SD                                       1:05:23
28. Olden Phatt                       m                           Sioux Falls, SD                                       1:05:39
29. Peter Holland                   m                            Sioux Falls, SD                                       1:05:50
30. Tom Wolff                        m                            Harrisburg, SD                                       1:07:19
31. Ron Dannenbring            m                            Sioux Falls, SD                                        1:07:21
32. Renee Neufeld                 f*                           Hurley, SD                                              1:07:23
33. Ben Wolthuizen                m                           Sioux Center, Iowa                                  1:07:51
34. Patty Hood                        f*                           Lennox, SD                                             1:08:26
35. Nancy Meendering          f*                          Sioux Falls, SD                                         1:08:29
36. Geralynn Fjeldheim          f*                          Sioux City, Iowa                                       1:08:44
37. Nanci Fuller                      f *                          Sioux Falls, SD                                        1:08:45
38. Terry Majeres                 m                            Canton, SD                                              1:08:51
39. Glenn Voss                       m                           Sioux Falls, SD                                        1:10:45
40. Linda Miller                      f*                          Sioux Falls, SD                                        1:11:20
41. Dan Halma                       m                           Inwood, Iowa                                            1:12:31
42. Susan DeSautel                f*                           Sioux Falls, SD                                        1:12:38
43. Kathy Farrens                  f*                           Sioux City, Iowa                                      1:13:07
44. Matt Renner                    m                            Vermillion, SD                                        1:13:19
45. Ron Destigter                  m                            Canton, SD                                              1:13:30
46. Dave Bushard                   m                           Lake Shetek, Minnesota                        1:13:53
47. Leonard Davis                  m                           Aberdeen, SD                                          1:15:35
48. Emily Plucker                    f*                          Canton, SD                                              1:16:10
49. Steve Plucker                    m                          Canton, SD                                              1:16:11
50. Perry Bauer                      m                            Brandon, SD                                           1:16:18
51. Jeanine Scheetz                f*                           Sioux Falls, SD                                        1:16:25
52. Bob Hanson                      m                            Sioux Falls, SD                                       1:16:42
53. Laurie Knippling               f*                            Vermillion, SD                                       1:17:08
54. Bill Kennedy                     m                            Vermillion, SD                                        1:18:17
55. Larry Schnabel                 m                            Sioux Falls, SD                                       1:19:28
56. Scott Weaver                    m                            Sioux City, Iowa                                     1:21:30
57. Colette Abbott                   f*                           Vermillion, SD                                        1:23:37
58. Elizabeth Bushard             f*                           Worthington, Minnesota                        no time
59. David Irvine                      m                           Sioux Falls, SD                                        no time
60. Wendy Kuhlman               f*                           Sioux Falls, SD                                        no time
61. Joshua Radigan                m                           Sioux Falls, SD                                        no time