Hood To Coast Photos
The Pantheon with Rabid Dog
August 22, 23, 2003

Mount Hood flying in from Salt Lake City,     The team mascots, Rabid dogs (toothpaste was used for effect)
the journey would begin there!                          Both RD1 and RD2 had a mascot....

Dividing up the massive quantity of food for the                         Preparing the vans at the hotel.....
team prior to leaving for the start

Scott, Kyle, Brant, and Mike of the Pantheon in the SUV    The Arrival at Mt. Hood, where it was about 45
it was a small vehicle for such a long trip                                degrees at the start

The Start area                                                                     Kyle, Ussery, and Brant discuss strategy.....

Roland preparing to Roll down the first hill off the Mountain! (#258)

Roland Passes to Mike on the very first exchange!           Mike warms up prior to run #1

Brooks rolls down the hill on leg #1 for him.                     Leg 3 transition Mike, Roland and Byrd

Brant getting ready for leg #1

Brant and Ussery Wait for Stu Burnham to           Stu finishes leg # 2 late in the night.
Arrive with the band for Kyle! Deep in the
night here
Byrd awaits the end of Brant's last leg               The Handoff from Brant to Byrd.

Brant finished with all three legs now!

Kyle Armentrout ends his LAST leg....finally it's over

Kyle, Ussery, and Scott await Jay Penry at the last stop

Jay Penry, Jay Penry hands off to Christian at the          Breaking open the food and beverages after the
very last exchange                                                              198 mile race!!

Hanging out at the beach after the end

A worn out team Rabid Dog relaxes!

The 5th place finishers...Rabid Dog
Kneeling left to right...Stu Burnham, Roland Laval, Richard Byrd, Mike Brooks, John Moss
Standing...Scott Walschlager, Andrew Ussery, Kyle Armentrout, Jon Russel, Christian Laugen, Brant Armentrout, and Jay Penry