Kyle Armentrout
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raised in Winston-Salem, NC.
Went to Mount Tabor High School where he graduated in 1990.
Went on to run at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC.
Kyle won several ACC titles in track and was All ACC in Cross Country twice. Currently holds several Pantheon records.

Track PR's  -  5,000 14:13   10,000 29:21

Accolades include:
Division I All-American at 10,000 (1995)
ACC Champion at 5,000 and 10,000 meters (1995 outdoor meet held at WFU)
ACC Champion at 5,000 meters at ACC Indoor meet in 1995.
Two-time all ACC in Cross Country
Participated in three NCAA Cross Country Championship meets while at WFU
Member of two ACC championship teams while at WFU
Member of US Junior team that participated in the 1991 World Cross Country meet in Antwerp, Belgium


Year 2022 Training Data

Week 1

Week 2
Monday    6 minute run
Tuesday    30 min elliptical
Thursday    8 minute run
Sunday    10 minute run

Week 3
Tues    9:20 run, calf acted up
Thurs    elliptical 32 min
Fri    elliptical 34 min
Sat    elliptical 36 min

Week 4
Sat    30 min elliptical
Sun    38 min elliptical

Week 5

Week 14
4 runs on the elliptical trainer, hoping to run soon

Week 15
4 runs on the elliptical

Week 16
elliptical runs this week

Week 17
continued with elliptical running this week

Week 18
cross training on elliptical

Week 19
elliptical cross training

Week 20
cross training this week again

Week 21
cross training yet

Week 22
elliptical running, plus cross training

Week 23
elliptical running

Week 24
Cross training yet

Week 25
cross training on ellitptical yet

Week 26
elliptical running

Week 27
elliptical running

Week 28
several elliptical runs this week

Week 29
several elliptical runs this week again

Week 30
more elliptical running this week

Week 31
several ellitptical runs, plus one workout with 1 minute bouts of running

Week 32
elliptical running, plus light running

Week 33
50 min walk jog, 45 min walk jog, plus elliptical running

Week 34
elliptical running this week

Week 35
elliptical training

Week 36
continued cross training

Week 37
cross training yet

Week 38
cross training as able

Week 39
3 runs, totaling 8 miles this week

Week 40
cross training

Week 41
cross training

Week 42
continued cross training

Week 43
cross training yet

Week 44
cross training still

Week 45
continued cross training

Week 46
elliptical and weight training this week

Week 47
cross training again

Week 48
elliptical plus cross training

Week 49
cross training

Week 50
continued cross training

Week 51
more cross training

Week 52
cross training yet

Week 53
elliptical plus cross training